Digital Storytelling

storytellingDigital Storytelling is the intersection between the age- old art of storytelling and access to powerful technology that is easy to learn and use. Stories have been used throughout history and by all cultures to pass on important knowledge. With the advent of flip and phone digital video cameras, easy to use software, web based editing programs, and the Internet we can now tell, capture and disseminate our stories in new ways and to a broader population.

There has never been a better time to tell and capture stories. Through stories we learn about ourselves, each other and about the world we live in. Storytelling can return education to the exciting, mysterious, engaging and multi-generational roots that was used to pass on information for generations before learning was confined to the four walls of a school building.

The information presented here is drawn from an online digital storytelling course I have taught for years. Feel free to re-purpose the content any way that makes sense to you and will broaden the numbers of people telling stories.

The structure of the content:

StorytellingWhat is a story?Components • What is a Telling?
Digital Stories • Definitions • Examples
Process • Script • Storyboard • Planning
Production • Tools • Tips
Post Production • Digitize/Organize •  Editing
Distribution • Reflection

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